Tailored Trainings

Aghaez Consulting Company as a regular practice develops and delivers trainings, workshops and seminars, the title and topics are selected based on the market needs, the needs are identified through  comprehensive market researches which are performed  either by Aghaez or other organizations. We identify the common challenges being faced by job seekers and employers, the job seeker may have problem finding job which matches his profile, while employers face challenge of finding the right skill set for their operations. By cross referencing these challenges we design our trainings which are beneficial for both individual job seekers and current employees of organizations who need to develop skill set of their staff.

In addition of the trainings that we identify , organizations can also ask for specialized training based on the specific needs of their own operation, for such trainings our team will ask about operational problems of the organization, identify the root cause and finally suggest training topics. By following this methodology we develop the skill set of current employees to perform up to the expectation of the management and improve the overall operation of their respective organization.

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