By registering yourself here, you gain the benefit of being recorded in the first official startup database of Afghanistan. The database will have different usage among them few examples are :

  • When a donor wants to know about startup facts
  • When a donor wants to contact a specific startup for support
  • When there is  need for a startup related survey/research
  • When it is needed to inform you of startup events
  • When there is a need to lobby with government on availing enabling environment for startups
  • and many more …

Register your startup by providing us accurate details. Aghaez Professional Services is committed to offer maximum support to Afghanistan startups. Thus having accurate information about your startup will make sure that you are accessible when there is a need for Agahez or one of its partners to communicate with you.

Startup Registration Form

    Startup Detail

  • Tells the year and month you started working on your startup.
  • To make sure you are selecting the right phase of your startup, please read definition of each phase and select the one which best matches your startup current state:

    I had a great idea and have started to bring the idea to live. I am making plans and working to find how I can make my idea to a business, but I have not developed my product yet.

    I have started actually building my product to be offered to my customers. I have found my co-founder and other immediate team members. I have planned for how to go to market and I will soon be ready to launch.

    Soft Launched
    I have developed my minimum viable product and have started offering my product to customers. I am receiving feedback and based on them, I am improving my product. I have my initial execution team formed.

    Scale up
    I have tested my product it is working and I have customers in market using my product. Now I am scaling up my startup by marketing my product to large number of customers. I am making revenue.
  • Startup Founder Detail



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