AGHAEZ Exceptional Business Development Package

Yes that’s right, it is for both New Businesses and those of Existing Businesses, who want to give a New Start to achieve the heights of the industry.

What Else? Already accepted by 10s of Afghan businesses!

Business Development package, an exceptional product of Aghaez, is designed to fulfill the needs of every existing and startup company. Add unparalleled value to your business operations and make them a tool to achieve your desired level of success with Aghaez. This exclusive package is meant to revolutionize the management, marketing, and technological aspects of your business. The following elements make this package a valuable asset that your company should invest in:

1. Brand and Communication

Aghaez’s Business Development package is all set to help you build an influential brand that you need to compete with industry giants.
Brand Name
Corporate Logo
Corporate Marketing Material
Corporate Website

2. Business Strategy

Capitalize on the Aghaez’s business startup package to witness the transformation of your business ideas into a workable business plan.
Business Plan
Marketing Plan
Implementation Plan

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3. Business Organization

Aghaez can help business organizations review and analyze their operations, offerings, and services, from every possible dimension.

Functional and Organization Analysis
Organization Structure
Startup Functional Policy and Procedures

4. Sales and Marketing

We provide business organization with cutting-edge tools and tactics to embrace unimaginable sales and marketing opportunities.

Sales Force Development
Customer Relationship Management
Social Media
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5. Technology Utilization

Make the state-of-the-art technology systems a part of your business organization to get to the top industry position. Convenient, powerful technology solutions await you at Aghaez!
Accounting Software
CRM Software
Corporate Email

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